My WordPress 101 Project

WordPress 101 siteI recently had the chance to teach my first introductory class on the wide and wonderful world of WordPress. I decided that to teach them how to get a free blog up and running quickly on, i would build the WordPress 101 site using their hosted service, and walk the class through the available features as we trekked through my site’s content.

Not one to let a nice chunk of work go to waste, i left the site intact and started building on it, adding more content, resources, and blog posts. Ideally, anyone can now come across the site, follow the menu through from Introduction to Resources, and get themselves off the ground with a free, hosted blog shortly thereafter.

I’m learning a ton of stuff along the way, and would like to assemble an ebook containing detailed step by step instructions, from the starter’s gun to the finish line. I’m aware that everyone in the blogosphere is offering their own take on it, but i’d like to offer my two cents as well – maintain the simplicity of the ‘101’ aspect while still touching on all the key components, and offer as many free resources as possible.

Until then, keep an eye out here for general project updates, an eye out over there for specific WordPress 101 posts, and rest assured, this-a-here blog will be undergoing the tune-up it’s well past due for.

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