Acid Tongue\m/ – The international symbol of rock appropriately sums up our brief years as Acid Tongue, skulking the hallways, classrooms, studios, smoking pits, lounges and frequent parties of Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program back in 1993-94. A couple of hairy young metalheads named Geoff Jarvis and Rich Adkin recruited me into their inner circle of rock, which carried over into college from their previous high school metal endeavours. Acid Tongue was born, fists were raised and heads were banged.

The Achilles heel of the Tongue was always finding, gelling with and keeping a singer with the pipes necessary to convey our metal message. We were lucky enough to play with vocalists Steve Sanderson and subsequently Metal John Patterson for enough time to forge a few studio recordings into glorious pieces of hard 90s steel, featured below on our one and only EP Muffula.

Acid Tongue – Muffula EP \m/ by Acid Tongue

As typically happens after college, as it did with us, everyone moves on into the sobering ‘real world’ to look for some sort of ‘job’ or takes off overseas to ‘find themselves’. Luckily Acid Tongue would prove to be the basis for many of my future adventures, including Kickstand Travolta and Fly Fantastic with Geoff and living and working in Budapest with Rich, who coincidentally introduced me to the Tea Thieves. As our old saying goes, ‘Muff never dies…’ You can ask the guys how that ends off.


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