The Fairmonts


The Fairmonts formed in 2004 as an acoustic duo out of the ashes of The Gentlemen via The Tribbianis, a GT’s basement staple on drunken Saturday nights in the early ’00s. Basically, dudes just kept dropping out until we were down to two. Featuring the Captain on guitar, vox and harp,… Read more

Kickstand Travolta


Spawned from the tripped-out depths of the Music Industry Arts program, Kickstand Travolta came to be during one unassuming basement jam that magically unified 5 guys as a band and created our sound on the spot (see Where’s Miles? first rehearsal below). Those 5 guys would be Rob Hedge, Barrett… Read more

Tea Thieves


‘Two Brits, a Yank and a Canuck walk into a bar…’ called the Fregatt in Budapest, Hungary and make beautiful noise every Thursday evening for the better part of a year. Such was the scene in 2001-2002 when i moved to Budapest in August of ’01 and was promptly hooked… Read more

Fly Fantastic


Fly Fantastic; the Kickstand hangover. We were the equivalent of waking up after a party to Frank Zappa spinning on the turntable, scratching your head and putting on the Allman Brothers instead. Geoff Jarvis, Ben Kaplan and myself, along with several other game participants, formed what would be an ever-rotating… Read more

Red - Uisce Beatha


I was in RED (formerly Uisce Beatha) for approximately 3 months give or take, but it was probably the wildest 3 months i’ve ever spent in any band. I was recruited by John & Alan Glen for the sole purpose of being the drummer for their 1999 German tour, and… Read more

Acid Tongue


\m/ – The international symbol of rock appropriately sums up our brief years as Acid Tongue, skulking the hallways, classrooms, studios, smoking pits, lounges and frequent parties of Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program back in 1993-94. A couple of hairy young metalheads named Geoff Jarvis and Rich Adkin recruited… Read more

Dead Celebrity Status


Oddly enough, my path to drumming for Dead Celebrity Status started at an IT company in 2000 working for one of their MC’s. I had actually gone to college (again) with Yas the previous year and he recruited me to be the web guy for his new startup. It was… Read more